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Australia's top surf beaches

We’re blessed with so many amazing places to surf in Australia, so it was a bit difficult to narrow it down to just 10 must-surf destinations. From beginners to nutbags with a death wish, there’s something for every surfer here – and we’re only sorry that we didn’t have the space to include every single break in the country…

Bells Beach, Torquay, Vic

Hailed as Australia’s home of surfing, Bells is home to the country’s oldest surfing event, which is known as the Rip Curl Pro these days (the winner still receives the traditional clanging bell trophy). It's a reef break and the wave splits into two sections: Rincon, which breaks under the cliffs, and the Bowl,

Thinking About Traveling To Australia

By size, English-speaking, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and it extends on to include a group of islands - one of which you might be familiar: Tasmania! Other countries close by include New Guinea, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and a few more. So if you're thinking about traveling to Australia, you might appreciate knowing a few answers to some questions that people usually ask before making a trip to 'The Land Down Under' based either on rumors they've heard or the experience of others.
Answers About Appliance Compatibility
For instance, you might appreciate knowing what personal appliances of yours will work in this country, like a blow dryer or some other appliance that you need to 'plug in somewhere'.